Sanremo Zoe Compact SED 2 groups White


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Sanremo Zoe Compact SED 2-group white - perfect entry-level portafilter machine for your catering industry

  • ELECTRONIC AUTO-LEVEL: Automatic filling and level control of the boiler using an electronic level probe.
  • ACTIVATED ELECTRONIC PREINFUSION: Delayed moistening of the ground coffee in the brewing group for a more intense aroma.
  • DOUBLE READING GAUGE: Simultaneous control of boiler pressure and distribution pressure for precise coffee preparation.
  • EASY SERVICE: Quick access to internal components for easy maintenance and reduced service costs.
  • AUTOMATIC CLEANING CYCLE: Automatic rinsing program for cleaning the brewing group.
  • Robust boiler: heart made of copper for a long service life and low operating costs.

For years, Sanremo has been setting standards in the design of coffee machines, inspired by motorsport, where maximum performance, powerful technology, stability and ease of maintenance set the tone. The Sanremo Zoe follows this tradition and presents itself with the innovative “mono-scocca” design, in which the frame and shell are made from one piece. This design makes the Zoe uniquely robust and gives it an unmistakable character, which can be perfectly integrated into any environment thanks to the RAL color configuration option.

Barista's choice for high-quality espresso enjoyment at a low price:
The Zoe's ergonomic design not only provides an aesthetically pleasing machine, but also a perfect workstation for baristas. The LED-illuminated work area, the integrated instrument cluster for pressure and temperature, as well as the easily accessible steam wands and water dispenser enable efficient work, even with high customer volumes.

Zoe Compact portafilter machine - gastro espresso machine for small spaces:
The Zoe Compact is specially designed for catering establishments with limited space. In a more compact format, it offers all the features and technologies of the Zoe, without compromising performance and design.

Configure your espresso machine individually:
The Zoe is available in several variations, including the SED version with user programming and the SAP version with semi-automatic control. Design elements can be personalized upon request.

Twin SR Rapid steam wands - latte art steam lance for fine-pored milk foam:
The unique steam tips make it easier to prepare fine-pored milk foam for latte art, while the large kettle size always provides sufficient steam.

Designed for great tasting coffee:
The perfect coordination of high-quality materials and optimized technology ensures consistently better coffee enjoyment.

Easy cleaning and maintenance:
The automatic rinsing program makes cleaning the brew groups easier, while quick access to internal components simplifies maintenance. Low service costs and easily replaceable wearing parts contribute to cost-effectiveness.

Many color options:
Choose between white or black chassis with optional black or red interior panels. The Zoe can be easily customized to a RAL color that matches your decor or brand.

Safe investment - inexpensive entry-level portafilter machine:

As a cost-effective entry-level portafilter machine, the Sanremo Zoe not only offers a strong appearance, but also reliable coffee quality with minimal maintenance costs. An investment that pays off in the long term.

Technical specifications:


  • 1 x Hot Water Dispenser
  • 2 x steam dispensers
  • cup warmer
  • Standard colors: black, white/black, white/matt black, white/red
  • Dimensions: 720 x 537 x 528 mm
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Boiler capacity: 10 L
  • Power connection: high current 400 V/16 A
  • Heating output: 2.95 KW
  • Water connection: 3/8 inch
  • Dirty water drain: open funnel siphon
  • 2 brew groups
  • 3 brew groups


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