Breathtaking Rocket Cronometer R PID Espressomaschine


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  • Pid temperature control
  • Two-circuit system: Steam and espresso can be drawn off at the same time
  • Rotationspumpe
  • E 61 brew group with Rocket ceramic trumpet
  • Cool -Touch- Dampfhahn
  • Integrated water tank and mains water connection
  • insulated boiler
  • Eco-Mode
  • exceptionally valuable housing
  • Pid control elegantly hidden
  • Shot Timer


  • The Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro R portafilter espresso machine ensures professional espresso and cappuccino at home. Technically, this handheld espresso maker features a powerful rotary pump that further improves espresso results by evenly applied pressure. The pid temperature control then gives your espresso the finishing touch. Powerful enough to make microporous milk froth effortlessly, this machine is also suitable for your visit or a larger family gathering.


  • The espresso switch on the right side of the E61 brew group moves up smoothly without jamming disturbing the espresso flow. The rotary pump hums softly and a fine espresso flows into the cup. Easily correct the temperature on the PID display. The steam and water supply buttons are comfortable to hold and have a perfect resistance. Another quarter turn and dry steam comes out violently. We can start now. Perfect milk froth in seconds. With a little skill, pour the milk over the espresso and conjure up a heart in the cup. A feast for the eyes with very good technology.

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