Moccamaster Filterkaffeemaschine Moccaserver (2 x 1.8l glass jug)


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  • Classic design with two glass jugs
  • Very quick and quiet preparation of coffee
  • Intelligent heating plates keep the coffee warm after the brewing process
  • Brühtemperatur 92-96°C
  • 14 Bags in 6 Minutes
  • Perfect machine for cafes & offices
  • 2x 1.8 l 
  • 5 year guarantee 
The Moccamaster filter coffee machine Moccaserver has a classic design with 2 glass jugs. The maximum capacity per brewing process is 1.8 l, which corresponds to 14 cups of coffee. The Moccaserver is the perfect machine for cafes and finds applications in small businesses. Thanks to the intelligent heating plates, the coffee stays at the perfect temperature after brewing. Capacity 14 cups in 6 min. Capacity liters: 2x 1.8 l Brewing time (min): 6 Brewing temperature: 92-96 ° C Power: 2200W Filter: basket filter Size: H 432 mm / W 200 mm / D 425 mm
  • UNIQUE DESIGN MADE OF SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS The Moccamaster filter coffee machine consists of a solid aluminum body. All parts of the coffee machine are easy to clean, recyclable, BPA-free, easily replaceable and durable. The Moccamaster is therefore a sustainable machine that is also very quiet.

  • CERTIFIED BY ECBC AND SCA Technivorm Moccamaster works closely with leading international coffee research centers such as the European Coffee Brewing Center and the Specialty Coffee Association. 


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