ECM Compact HX-2 PID Anthrazit PID


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  • 2 ring brew groups suitable for ECM filter carriers
  • PID control
  • Automatic cleaning program for the brew groups
  • Automatic dosing of 4 cup filling quantities
  • Optional: manual coffee extraction
  • Commercial pressostat
  • Built-in Rotationspumpe
  • Automatic boiler filling
  • Switchable, electronically controlled pre-infusion
  • Professional quick-opening rotary valves for steam and hot water extraction
  • 3 ergonomically angled ECM filter holders with balanced weight distribution (1x 1-spout, 2x 2-spout)
  • 2 drip grids to raise the espresso cups
  • Service-friendly: Easy to open by loosening just four screws
  • recommended from 100 cups per day


The ECM Compact HX-2 is a two-group portafilter espresso machine from ECM. It is particularly suitable for cafes, restaurants and offices where a medium to large number of cups of coffee and espresso are drunk every day. The two brew groups make it possible to brew up to four espressos at the same time. Latest version with PID control.

The Compact HX-2 is operated via professional, quick-opening rotary valves for steam and hot water extraction. To brew espresso, you have two programmable ring brewing groups that deliver consistent quality at the touch of a button and can brew up to 4 espressos at the same time. There is also the option of setting up manual coffee extraction.

To clean the brewing groups, this gastro portafilter machine has an automatic cleaning program for the brewing groups. In addition, the machine is easy to service - only four screws have to be loosened to open the machine.

Inside the Compact HX-2 you will find a very quiet and smooth-running rotary pump that produces up to 9 bar of pressure. The pressure of the boiler, like the pressure in the water circuit, is displayed on the front on the corresponding manometer and can be adjusted via a pressure switch. Inside the machine is an insulated stainless steel tank with a volume of 9.0 liters. A high-performance rotary pump presses the water through the water circuit at up to 15 bar. Both the pump pressure and the boiler pressure can be read from the pressure gauges on the front.


E61 brew groups  No
ring brew groups Yes, 2 pieces
fresh water tank No
Boiler volume that. 9 l
Kupferkessel No
Edelstahlkessel And
boiler pressure gauge And
pump pressure gauge


PID control And
Display And
filling quantity programming And
pump type Rotary pump

Water tank/fixed water connection switchover

Drehventiltechnik And
tipping valve technology No
Large cup warming surface And
ECM filter carrier

Yes, with angled handle

number of filter holders 3
warm-up phase 25-30 min
Performance 3.000W
Tension 3 phases, each 230 V, other voltages on request
Weight 58 kg
Dimensions (without filter holder) W x D x H

650 x 510 x 480 mm


ECM Manufacture

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