Berger organic milk chocolate strawberry tiramisu


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Berger milk chocolate Strawberry tiramisu is a delicate with a creamy filling made from light ganache and fruity strawberries. This chocolate convinces with the creative combination and the harmonious interplay chocolate and the seductive aromas of strawberry, caramel, coffee and rum. 

As in very special success stories, everything began here in a garage. There Hubert and Christine Berger specialized in the production of hand-scooped chocolates with a lot of heart in 1994. The goal was and is to convince with very special quality. The two Austrians succeeded without a doubt. The secret of their success are the high quality ingredients and above all their passion for chocolate.

Raw cane sugar, cocoa, nuts (except hazelnuts), sugar and vanilla are traded by Berger Schokolade in accordance with the FAIRTRADE standard.

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