969.coffee - Elba IV V02 All Black Bundle with Casa 58 coffee grinder


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969.coffee - Elba IV V02 All Black

  • Solid stainless steel housing, black matt powder-coated

  • Compact dual circuit espresso machine

  • 1.5 L copper kettle with anti-oxidation treatment

  • Coffee cover traditional with a small lever (walnut)

  • Copper boiler for an optimal coffee temperature

  • Steam dispenser (walnut) with 2-hole nozzle

  • Adjustable boiler pressure by means of a pressure switch

  • Manometer for checking the boiler pressure

  • Water level sensor with switch-off in the event of a lack of water

  • Drip tray completely removable for better cleaning

  •  Sliding cup rack mounted on ball bearing rails

Welcome to a new era of coffee enjoyment with the bundle set 969.coffee - Elba IV V02 All Black, complete with the Casa 58 coffee grinder!

The heart of this set is the compact two-circuit espresso machine with a solid stainless steel housing in elegant black, matt powder-coated for a timeless look. The 1.5 L copper kettle, treated against oxidation, ensures the optimal coffee temperature. The traditional coffee brewing ritual with the walnut lever gives every espresso a touch of craftsmanship.

The two-circuit espresso machine has a steamer with a 2-hole nozzle, also made of walnut, for creamy milk foam. The adjustable boiler pressure, monitored by the pressure gauge, enables individual adjustment. The drip tray is completely removable for effortless cleaning, and the sliding cup shelf on ball bearing rails provides additional convenience.

For perfect grinding quality and space savings, we proudly present the 969 - Casa 58 On Demand coffee grinder. Equipped with precise flat grinding discs (58 mm diameter), it guarantees consistent grinding, regardless of the type of coffee. With an impressive speed of 1,400 rpm, it effortlessly grinds coffee beans and ensures optimal aroma and taste in every cup.

The generous bean container with a capacity of 0.50 kg effortlessly covers your coffee lover's needs. Despite its impressive performance, the grinder maintains a compact design (18 x 23 x 41 cm, 8.0 kg), perfect for any kitchen, office or commercial facility. The versatile voltage (230-300 V) enables worldwide use.

The 969 - Casa 58 On Demand Coffee Grinder has been carefully designed to meet the needs of coffee lovers. Whether you prefer espresso, filter coffee or other coffee drinks, this grinder ensures the right grind for your preferred brewing method. Immerse yourself in the world of first-class coffee enjoyment with the 969.coffee - Elba IV V02 All Black Bundle!

Technical specifications:

Elba IV V02

Brew group: Faema E61
Maße (cm): b: 23,5 x t: 43 x h: 40
Boiler volume: 1.60 l
Power: 1500W
Voltage: 230V -50Hz
Pump: vibratory pump
Warm-up time: 10 - 15 minutes
Wassertank: 2,5L
Weight : 21 kg

House 58

Flat grinding discs mm. 58
U/min' 1,400
Bean container kg. 0.50
Weight kg. 8.0
230/300 V/W
18 x 23 x 41 cm

Scope of delivery:

1x Elba IV V02 All Black espresso machine in original packaging

1x Simple portafilter

1x double portafilter

1x Blindsieb

1x 969.coffee Casa 58 On Demand Black coffee grinder

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