Christmas gift espresso maker + hand mill + milk frother

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Emilio espresso beans 250g:

This Christmas offer includes an espresso maker (4 cups), a grinder, a milk frother and 250g espresso beans. 

Information Groenenberg espresso maker:

    • Suitable for induction and all other types of stoves
    • Made of particularly high-quality and heat-resistant 304/430 stainless steel; completely free of aluminum
    • Including replacement sealing ring
    • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
    • Packed in elegant and 100% plastic-free packaging including practical step-by-step instructions

This espresso pot is made of high quality and specially processed stainless steel. The qualitative production makes it particularly heat-resistant and robust. This means that the espresso maker can be used on all stove types (with the exception of induction) without any problems. Of course, it is also suitable for the dishwasher. The espresso maker can also be taken to camping or when traveling, as it can also be heated up on a gas stove.

Information about Groenenberg Handmühle:

  • Excellent grinding results thanks to precise conical grinder made of ceramic
  • Comfortable and infinitely variable grinding degree setting for even grist, from fine for espresso to coarse for French press and filter coffee
  • Made of particularly high-quality 304 stainless steel
  • Holds 35 g of coffee powder, which corresponds to approx. 800ml or 4 cups of fresh coffee
  • 100% plastic-free packaging including practical instructions

Information Bialetti milk frother 

Revolutionary electric milk frother for all cappuccino lovers with a double whisk for frothing and mixing the hot milk. Cold milk frothing can also be activated at the touch of a button. The milk frother has a non-stick coating on the inside for easy cleaning.

  • Fast preparation - enjoy delicious milk foam in just 80 seconds

  • Wireless - can be rotated 360 ° on the base

  • 2 functions: hot milk foam and heating without foam

  • 2 inserts for the different functions

  • Capacity for milk foam: 150 ml

  • Capacity for hot milk: 300 ml

  • Non-stick coating, therefore easy to clean and no burning of the milk

  • The milk is heated up to 68 ° C - no overheating

  • With a transparent lid for checking the milk froth; Equipped with a "clip" to safely store the unused insert

  • Handy, small and easy to stow away

  • 500 watts


250g Emilio espresso beans 90% Arabica 10% Robusta. Our Emilio is roasted in-house and has a slightly chocolaty & Italian espresso in terms of taste.

In addition, you can optionally have the set wrapped as a gift.

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