Rocket Espresso Appartemento


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  • Mater pressostat
  • a boiler manometer - pressure display on the boiler
  • very good and clean workmanship, uniform gap dimensions
  • nice design, good technology inside
  • ECO MODE: Automatic switch-off after 1.5 hours without use

Rocket Espresso Appartamento:

This classic portafilter espresso machine fits stylishly in almost all kitchen environments. Rocket sets visual accents with the round cut-outs on the sides and the typical rotary valves with the R. In terms of technology, no compromises were made in the development of the machine, large copper kettles, ceramic pressure trumpet and no-burn steam lance are also known from the large Rocket models . Thanks to the flat feet and a little less height, the machine will find enough space under most wall cabinets.


The apartment in everyday use:

After switching on and heating up, you can start, the pump works quietly thanks to the low-vibration opening, without PID or other gimmicks there is not much to do than find the right grind and enjoy the perfect espresso. If you turn the steam valve you will be rewarded with dry and powerful steam, fine-pored foam is no problem, thanks to the No-Burn technology, the steam lance is easy to clean.

You will also receive 500g espresso beans of your choice free of charge
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks 
Immediately available for collection in the store


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