Cleaning tablets for Grindz mills


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Urnex Grindz are completely natural, gluten-free cleaning tablets for coffee grinders. The cleaner is not suitable for grinders integrated in fully automatic coffee machines. The pack contains 430 g cleaning tablets in the form of coffee beans. Approx. 40 g are required per cleaning process.


Innovative and comfortable
With the cleaning tablets you can remove any remaining coffee oils and particles from the grinding discs and housing without having to dismantle the grinder. The tablets in are simply ground by the grinder and remove all oils, smells and flavors.

Environmentally friendly
The product only contains natural, plant-based ingredients and no phosphates - therefore it is food-safe.

Longer machine life
If you clean your grinder regularly, you can reduce the wear and tear on the grinding discs and avoid expensive repairs and replacement costs in the long term.

Manufacturer information:
Urnex is the American manufacturer behind the Cafiza brand, which is sold in more than 70 countries. Urnex has been convincing baristas all over the world with its high-quality cleaning products since 1936. The development and manufacturing process focuses on consistent, safe quality as well as easy handling and effectiveness of the cleaning agents. For this, the expertise of a team of chemists, technicians, manufacturers and professional baristas is used. All products are made in USA.

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