Profitec Pro 600 dual boiler PID espresso machine

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The portafilter espresso machine Profitec Pro 600 Dualboiler PID is a portafilter espresso machine that can also be used as a single-circuit machine. The boiler temperatures can be set individually and independently using the PID. The high-quality stainless steel housing with black side elements and the strikingly shaped steam and hot water lances give the Profitec Pro 600 dual boiler PID a particularly extravagant look.



The Pro 600 PID dual boiler espresso machine from Profitec - the dual boiler with 2 stainless steel boilers 

The Pro600 PID dual boiler espresso machine not only impresses visually, but also with its sophisticated dual boiler technology and PID function.

It has a large cup tray that is completely removable for easy and convenient filling of the water tank. It is not necessary to clear the cups.

The perfect dual boiler system enables perfect espresso preparation. The temperature clearly influences the espresso aroma, which can be set precisely here. The dual system also enables the simultaneous preparation of espresso and the removal of steam or hot water. The steam boiler, which can be deactivated if necessary, is also practical.

Low-wear valves

The nostalgic rotary valves are wear-free thanks to spring-loaded technology. It is therefore not possible to overturn the valves.

The Pro600 PID has the high-quality, solid E61 brewing group with stainless steel bell.

No burn - perfect for foaming

Due to the no-burn steam and hot water pipes, only the steam and hot water nozzles get hot. The steam pipe is also easier to clean because the milk hardly sticks to it.

Eco Mode

The new Profitec Pro 600 PID has an Eco mode. This causes the machine to switch itself off after 30 minutes. The switch-off time can also be set in 30-minute increments (switch-off after 30 minutes, after 60 minutes, after 90 minutes... up to a maximum of 600 minutes). The Eco mode can also be switched off if this is not desired.

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