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Timelessness is not often found anymore - but here you get design and elegance as well: the new NICR 930 brings the essence of the 9 series with it in an updated appearance. More enjoyment and even more comfort.

Nivona presents:

The cappuccino connoisseur and the barista in a box


Cappuccino Connoisseur

For a really good cappuccino, the milk has to wrap around the coffee, not to say "ensnare". That's why the barista puts the coffee in the cup first and then the milk. This is not a problem for the barista with the portafilter machine. For fully automatic machines, however, this means a major challenge. But NIVONA can do that. With the built-in cappuccino connoisseur, you determine the order of coffee and milk and thus choose the right cappuccino.

Der Barista in a Box

A coffee bean contains up to 800 different aromas. The differences are only noticeable when the brewing process varies specifically. With the aroma balance system, you decide for yourself which notes you want to tease out of the bean. With the dynamic setting, you opt for a fine acidity with a slightly fruity note. Constant gives you a bittersweet note with a spicy, full-bodied taste. Intense lives up to its name: strong, spicy coffee with a distinctive body and a bitter note


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Aroma Technology

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