Moccamaster Cup One coffee machine matt black


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For the perfect cup of coffee

The Moccamaster Cup One heats 330 ml of water to 96 ° in 30 seconds and directs it over the coffee powder via a copper heating coil. A coffee quantity of approx. 20 g is recommended for the best possible extraction. 300 ml of aromatic coffee are brewed from this in approx. 4 minutes.

For preparation, simply fill in water and ground coffee, switch on the Moccamaster Cup One and see how the freshly brewed coffee flows directly into the cup provided. After the water has run through, the device switches itself off again automatically.

All Moccamaster models are ECBC certified. The European Coffee Brewing Center, founded in 1975 by the Norwegian Coffee Association, ensures that a coffee machine not only meets the design requirements, but also brews coffee that tastes good. For this purpose, a coffee machine is tested, among other things, with regard to the contact time of the powder with the water, the water temperature, the filter process and the technical construction. In addition, the "coffee excellence" has been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

As almost 50 years ago, all Moccamaster coffee machines are still handcrafted and individually tested in Holland. In order to ensure a long service life for the machine, the manufacturer gives a 5-year guarantee.
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Moccamaster Cup One Messpoon, cup holder, 10 disposable paper cups, 80 filter bags

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