Milk Jug JoeFrex


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The perfect milk jug for your portafilter machine.

Frothing milk made easy
A few simple rules help when foaming. The first is: take a thick-walled stainless steel jug. It insulates the strong heat build-up inside the vessel a little better from the environment. The shape is also important: it should be tapered towards the top so that the milk can swirl more effectively in it. The JoeFrex milk jug meets these requirements.

The frothing process: the right ingredient
Cold whole milk with a fat content of 3 to 4% provides the best possible creamy foam. To do this, the capacity and the size of the jug must match. The JoeFrex milk jug is half filled with milk. Guide the steam nozzle into the milk at an angle, preferably over the spout, and let the jug itself roll around the nozzle in a rolling motion.

The art of pouring correctly: latte art
The JoeFrex milk jug also offers ideal conditions for latte art, the cappuccino art of conjuring up the most fantastic formations of milk foam in the cup. The spout is pointed enough that, with a little practice and using a spoon handle, you can create hearts and leaf structures even without many years of barista experience.

The milk jug is made of 100% stainless steel. All colors are powder coated. 

The jug is not dishwasher safe.

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