Home office set Hario hand filter + paper filter + 3 x 250g coffee beans


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1 x Hario Coffee Dripper V60 02

  • Red ceramic filter for hand infusion with a simple, elegant design
  • The large opening and the spiral ribs on the inside ensure maximum aroma extraction

The capacity is 1-4 cups. The special thing about this hand filter is the skilful further development of the classic filter, because the slightly steeper angle of this conical object, as well as the particularly large bottom opening, allow the water to flow through faster and more evenly. You get a finely nuanced, defined coffee that unfolds its full flavor profile wonderfully and the measuring spoon shown!

1 x Hario paper filter for V60 02 (100 pieces

  • Suitable for Hario V60 porcelain hand filters
  • Flavor-neutral and particularly fine-pored filter paper

3 x 250g coffee - Monsooned Malabar, Finca San Luis, or El Jaguar.

Ground or whole beans 


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