Home office set Hario hand filter + paper filter + coffee beans

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1 x Hario Dripper V60 01 Ceramic red coffee filter

  • Red ceramic filter for hand infusion with a simple, elegant design
  • The large opening and the spiral ribs on the inside ensure maximum aroma extraction

Unlike conventional hand filters, which only have two small holes in the bottom, the Hario Dripper V60 has a 20 millimeter opening there, which prevents the water from stagnating in the lower area. Another advantage are the pointed filter bags, which are aligned so that the coffee runs off unhindered. Thanks to the special design including the filter, coffee extraction cannot be interrupted. This also prevents over-extraction of the coffee. With the coffee filter you also get the measuring spoon shown.

1 x Hario paper filter white for 01 Dripper (100 pieces)

  • The taste-neutral paper filters guarantee that the grist is filtered with an absolutely true flavor

3 x 250g ground, unground coffee beans. Monsooned Malabar, Finca San Luis, or El Jaguar.