Eureka Mignon Silence 16CR schwarz matt


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  • New housing - combination of plastic & aluminum
  • New design, even finer and more detailed
  • Grinder wheel is now on the front right and black
  • With holding fork mechanism (not adjustable even if pictures show something else)
  • quieter thanks to Silent Technology
  • new closer at the bean hopper
  • Also has 50mm grinding disc
  • 300g bean container
  • Easy setting - quick adjustment of the grinding degree possible

The perfect espresso grinder for beginners - compact, quiet and of high quality


Silent Technology

Quiet grinding anywhere: in a café or at home

The exclusive anti-vibration solution reduces grinding noise by around 20 dB compared to conventional grinders and paves the way for a new way of grinding coffee: precise and quiet.

Ace System
Anti-clotting and electrostatics

The ACE system was developed to prevent the formation of lumps and to counteract the electrostatic charging of the ground material. It comes standard with all Eureka On-Demand coffee grinders. By regulating the coffee ejection, the ACE system ensures unsurpassed cleanliness. The ACE system is the common denominator of all Eureka coffee grinders. Thanks to the regulating effect of the coffee ejection, the ACE system ensures incomparable cleanliness and a very good dose of stability.

Infinitely variable micrometric grind adjustment (Eureka patented)

This system (Eureka patented) ensures unparalleled accuracy, saving time and coffee.

Our stepless micrometric system is the only one based on the movement of the lower grinding discs based. It guarantees an incomparable grinding performance and allows maintenance to be carried out without losing the grind setting.

"High speed" maintenance

Easy and quick maintenance

The typical mechanical design of our grinding disc carrier, which can be dismantled with just 9 screws, enables the grinding discs to be replaced quickly and cleaned thoroughly. This saves both precious time and coffee.

Standard "Hands-Free" portafilter fork

Delivery time: approx. 3 - 5 working days

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