Eureka Mignon Magnifico


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Eureka Magnifico:

This mill is for absolute individualists and the home barista. This excellent grinder from Eureka is extremely quiet when grinding thanks to the grinder mounted on rubber mats.

Advantages and features of the Magnifico:   

  1. Two adjustable coffee quantities and manual operation
  2. Less clumping thanks to a patented system (ACE)
  3. Stepless grinding degree setting - the desired grinding degree faster
  4. Hands-free - including height-adjustable fork -
  5. Faster grinding performance - enough to grind 1.4g to 1.8g coffee per second
  6. "Diamond inside" - larger and faster diamond hardened high-performance grinding disks (55mm)


You will also receive 500g of coffee of your choice for free.

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