Eureka Mignon Chrono


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Eureka Mignon Chrono

  • Stepless micrometric grinding degree setting (patented by Eureka)
  • ACE system (Anti-lump and electrostatic)
  • High-speed maintenance 
  • Timer (5-60 seconds)

This grinder is best suited for the following variations: hand filter, French press, stamp jug.

Stepless micrometric grinding degree setting (patented by Eureka)
This system (patented by Eureka) ensures unparalleled accuracy and saves time and coffee.

Our stepless micrometric system is the only one that is on the movement of the lower grinding discs based. It guarantees an incomparable grinding performance and enables maintenance work to be carried out without losing the grinding degree setting.

ACE system
Anti-lump and electrostatic

The ACE system was developed to prevent the formation of lumps and to counteract the electrostatic charging of the ground material. It is standard on all Eureka on-demand coffee grinders. By regulating the coffee ejection, the ACE system ensures unsurpassed cleanliness, the ACE system is the common denominator of all Eureka coffee grinders. Due to the regulating effect of the coffee ejection, the ACE system guarantees incomparable cleanliness and a very good dose of stability.

You will also receive 500g of coffee beans of your choice for free.

Delivery time: 1 - 2 weeks

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