Descaler Lujo clean Greenie 750 ml


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The Greenie is based on purely organic acids and is ideal for self-decalcifying your own portafilter machine.

Please observe the information and guidelines of your machine manufacturer. 

Special descaler for high quality espresso machines of all brands. 

Lujo clean decalcifier Greenie is highly effective, easy and safe to use and thus guarantees effortless and quick decalcification. Regular use will extend the life of your machine. Leaves no residue. Your machine is ready to use again immediately after descaling and subsequent rinsing. Due to its high-performance corrosion protection, our descaler does not attack the high-quality materials in your espresso machine if you follow the instructions for use. There are no deposits that could clog the machine during descaling.

Extra gentle on the environment!

  • Specially developed for powerful decalcification
  • Caring for the environment
  • Strong against limescale, gentle on the device
  • Based on organic acids

Application: Dilute 250ml of the Greenie with 600ml water and pour it into the empty tank. IMPORTANT! Remove the limescale filter beforehand! Take the machine elements (hot water tap, brewing group, steam lance) into operation alternately. Refill the tank continuously with fresh water as soon as the fill level lamp lights up. Rinse at least 3 full tanks with fresh water until there is no more "green" water and no acid is noticeable. Otherwise, just rinse even more with fresh water. At the end, please don't forget to put the limescale filter back in the tank!

Run around every 3 months and your machine will thank you!

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