ECM Mechanika V Slim


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Espresso machine ECM Mechanika V Slim

The Mechanika V Slim is the ideal dual-circuit machine for people who have little space available and still want to drink an excellent espresso and cappuccino at bar level. ECM has installed high-quality technology in a small space, the case in an appealing retro design is finely processed down to the last detail. Thanks to the two-circuit system, espresso water and steam are always available at the same time. The steam output is excellent, the espresso is well extracted and has a nice crema. 

Ideal for everyday use

This small two-circuit machine impresses with its beautiful details. The knobs for steam / vapore and water / aqua are not only beautiful, they can also be turned with ease. A quarter turn is enough and the steam escapes powerfully and dry. This machine easily froths milk for several milk beverages. The portafilter is of exclusive quality and lies ergonomically balanced in the hand. When it comes to espresso dispensing, the typical E61 dispensing lever is positively noticeable due to its smooth-running mechanism; the quietly mounted vibration pump confirms the impression that this portafilter has been optimally designed down to the last detail.


  • Two-circuit portafilter machine with narrow dimensions
  • Stainless steel kettle
  • high quality E61 brew group with stainless steel trumpet
  • Vibration pump

You will also receive 1kg of coffee beans / espresso beans of your choice for free!
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Delivery time: 4 weeks
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