Bialetti 3 in 1 multifunction chocolate and milk frother Elettric Mk03, induction


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Electric frother for the preparation of milk foam, chocolate drinks, mochaccinos and other beverages. 4-stage temperature control for setting the desired foam density. Easy to clean, removable stainless steel container, dishwasher safe.

  • Heating function for milk foam, hot chocolate, sauces and soups up to 75 ° C

  • Additional "cool mixing" function for milkshakes, puddings, vitamin drinks, mousse, frappees, iced tea, desserts and much more.

  • 4 temperature options: for different consistencies - delicate milk foam for cappuccino / extra creamy for e.g. milkshakes

  • Level indicator on the inside wall

  • Capacity for milk foam: 150 ml

  • Capacity for hot milk: 300 ml

  • automatic shutdown function

  • quick preparation - delicious milk foam in just 3 minutes 

  • Modern look and easy cleaning - the removable container is dishwasher safe

  • 600 watts of power

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