Bezzera Strega S AL hand lever machine


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The Bezzera Strega S AL portafilter espresso machine is the tank version of the Bezzera Strega hand lever series and combines the modern coffee machines of the 21st century with the proven lever system. It ensures excellent extraction of the coffee. With the Bezzera Strega S AL portafilter espresso machine you get creamy espressos.

  • During the dispensing phase, the pressure is generated in the lever group of 2 springs, which ensure constant dispensing and excellent extraction of the essential oils from the coffee powder in the portafilter
  • The lever group is heated electrically so that constant heat is guaranteed
  • Hand lever portafilter with the Mitica chassis and professional hand lever brewing group
  • Brewing group: a professional hand lever brewing group made of brass, high-gloss chrome-plated
  • Steam and hot water extraction with pipes made of stainless steel using a rocker arm mechanism
  • Hot water steam pressure can be regulated via a pressure switch inside the machine
  • With vibration pump for filling the kettle and the brewing group.

Caution: The lever may only be operated with the coffee filled in and the operating mode switched on, as otherwise the necessary resistance will be missing and the lever jumping up can be dangerous.

Current delivery time: 1 - 2 weeks

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