Bezzera Crema de PID espresso machine


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Bezzera Crema EN PID | Portafilter machine with automatic reference

  • Dual circuit machine for espresso and steam delivery at the same time
  • Automatic dosing (for one or two cups) or in barista mode (manual control)
  • PID - temperature control 
  • vibration pump
  • professional brew group
  • fast heat-up time of 5 - 8 minutes
  • finely crafted rosewood handles on the reference lever and portafilter

The Crema DE PID is an espresso machine for lovers who get enthusiastic about their espresso results thanks to its technically well-solved PID temperature control. In addition, it is ready to move into extremely quickly, more than sufficient steam power. In addition, it has an automatic reference system. Perfect results are easy to access here. The size and price are kept small for these rich features. Typically Bezzera. By stabilizing the outlet temperature, it has a static thermostat. Therefore, the Crema is clearly superior to other two-circuit systems with PID control. In almost all two-circuit systems, the temperature is controlled indirectly - via bands - by adjusting the boiler temperature and is correspondingly sluggish and imprecise. 

The automatic dosing and the temperature setting can be operated intuitively, so the manual really only needs to be read when using it for the first time. After switching on, the machine surprises with a smooth tank filling without rattling and buzzing. Not 6 minutes later, the impatient can already enjoy the first espresso, record-breaking. Once programmed, the automatic dosing is a practical matter, even if inexperienced people want to make an espresso or if you are tired in front of the machine in the morning. After the first espresso, you can also obtain it manually.


  • Width (mm): 250
  • Height (mm): 375
  • Depth (mm): 450
  • Weight: 19kg

1 Bezzera Crema DE PID in original packaging
1 portafilter with double spout
1 strainer for one cup 
1 filter insert for two cups
1 blind screen


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