Bezzera BZ10 S PM espresso machine


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Bezzera BZ10 S portafilter machine

The Bezzera BZ10 is one of the most popular espresso machines for home use. It offers the advantages of a dual circuit, a high-quality stainless steel housing and an electrically heated brewing group that makes the best espresso. All at a fair price.

With the BZ10, Bezzera supplies a machine whose built-in components are convincing. Thanks to the double manometer display, the tank and pump pressure can always be kept in view.

Ideal two-circuit convenience for espresso and milk foam

The two separate water circuits ensure comfortable espresso enjoyment. In contrast to a single-circuit espresso machine, the water for making espresso is heated via a heat exchanger and reaches the brewing group at an ideal temperature. In this way, milk foam can be prepared in parallel to espresso preparation without any waiting time.

Fast, constant and reliable

The electrical brew group heater enables particularly quick readiness for operation. The preparation of espresso can be started after about 10-12 minutes. In addition, the brew group heating ensures even more temperature constancy during draw-off.

The solid construction of the BZ10, such as B. the upright installed copper boiler and the stainless steel housing, guarantee long-term use and low maintenance. The feature of automatic shutdown in the event of a water shortage in the tank also protects the pump from possible damage.

For home baristas with high demands

The Bezzera BZ10 impresses with its two-circuit system. This makes drawing off espresso and frothing milk very easily, without the hassle of venting the kettle or waiting minutes. The electrically heated brewing group also promotes rapid heating and temperature stability when making espresso. The high-quality stainless steel housing and the good workmanship make the BZ10 an ideal espresso machine for everyone who has high demands on espresso and milk foam quality.

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