Berger organic white chocolate with strawberry pieces


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The Berger with strawberry pieces is a refreshing combination of white organic chocolate and dried strawberries with a cocoa content of 29%. Bit by bit it is a sweet and fruity pleasure.  

The elegant packaging conceals cheeky fruits and nutty bits, embedded in melt-in-the-mouth chocolates. The chocolate bars, lovingly handcrafted by Hubert and Christine Berger in the Salzburger Land, such as these mountains of white chocolate with strawberry pieces, turn any resistance into a hopeless endeavor. Because they are just delicious!

As in very special success stories, everything began here in a garage. There Hubert and Christine Berger specialized in the production of hand-scooped chocolates with a lot of heart in 1994. The goal was and is to convince with very special quality. The two Austrians succeeded without a doubt. The secret of their success are the high quality ingredients and, above all, the passion for chocolate

Organic inspection body AT-BIO-301 | EU / non-EU agriculture
Raw cane sugar, cocoa, Nuts (except hazelnuts), sugar, vanilla are made by Berger chocolate traded according to the FAIRTRADE standard.

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