Amaretti Morbidi al Caffé


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Amaretti have a long tradition in Italy and are now known worldwide. Every manufactory and every region has its special characteristics and preferences in the production of these little delicacies. These amaretti come from a family business based on the hills of Siena (Italy). With a lot of craftsmanship, a lot of love and exquisite ingredients, true delicacies are created here.

Soft amaretti with coffee Ingredients: sweet and bitter ALMONDS 45%, sugar, protein, MILK 8%, honey, soluble coffee 0.7%, raising agent: deer horn salt, preservative: sorbic acid Store in a cool and dry place
Nutritional declaration:
Nutritional information per 100g (or 100 ml) calorific value / energy476 kcal / 1990 kj fat24 g of which: - saturated fatty acids2.3 g carbohydrates49 g of which: - sugar39 g fiber0.20 g protein10 g salt0 g

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