Varia VS3 Single Dose Mill Gen 2 black


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Discover a revolutionary innovation for coffee lovers with the VARIA VS3 - 2nd generation electric coffee grinder. The redesigned motor design with stainless steel gears enables an impressive grinding speed of 190 rpm, for both espresso and filter settings, without sacrificing precision.

The updated assembly with improved alignment and concentricity of the drive shaft and cutter set guarantees extreme consistency and precision. Every component is carefully designed, from the machined driveshaft with a tolerance of 0.015mm to the double layer P5 ball bearings and the hard chamber premium springs that provide stability, dampening vibrations and increased consistency.

The unique feature of a one-piece stainless steel outer ridge ensures even particle distribution, supported by additional notches for effortless manual cleaning. The anti-static design ensures that your coffee only comes into contact with metal, while the innovative stepless adjustment via the 30g funnel gives you full control over the grind.

The zero-retention focus, thanks to an inclined geometry with an acute angle of 76.5°, enables a smooth process from adding the coffee to the dosing cup, without the hassle of rinsing for different types of coffee.

The VARIA VS3 - 2nd generation is not just a coffee grinder, but a well thought-out solution for perfect grinding results. The minimalist approach, integrated magnets and non-slip silicone feet make them the ideal addition to any kitchen. Experience the ultimate coffee experience with this powerful grinder and get the most out of your coffee beans.



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