Life by CEADO electric coffee grinder Moka


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  • 5 year guarantee
  • Handmade from Venice
  • Grinder for all degrees of grinding, from a portafilter to a French press
  • Disc grinder made of stainless steel
  • 50mm disc diameter
  • Single dose use possible
  • 250gr bean container
  • Timer setting for single and double serving
  • Touchdisplay
  • Including 500g coffee beans

HANDMADE IN VENICE: the new single dose espresso grinder Life - from Ceado

The life from Ceado is a real all-rounder - 2 mills in one. In addition to the classic dosing via a timer function, it can also be used perfectly for single dosing and shows all grinding degrees from espresso to filter coffee to French press.

Grind on Demand

The espresso grinder has a touch display with 2 digitally programmable times and manual dosing. The time can be easily adjusted in 1/10-second increments, thus ensuring a constant amount of grist. The ground material can be precisely adjusted thanks to the stepless adjustment of the degree of grinding.

Single Dosing

The life is specially designed to be perfect for single dosing. A very small residual amount remains inside the mill.
It is best to pour the desired amount of coffee into the shot holder (included) with the engine running.
After the coffee has been ground, the remaining amount of ground coffee can be blown out with the BLOW-UP blower bar, which is also included.

Hands Free

With direct grinding, the adjustable portafilter holder ensures that the portafilter sits securely, leaving your hands free. If the grist is to be collected in the cup supplied, the portafilter holder can be easily folded up without tools.

Technical specifications:

mill Technology
  • Grinding process:                                                        Electrical / Motor
  • Regrind delivery:                                                Direct grinder in portafilter
  • Regrind dosage:                                             With digital time programming
  • Regrind quantity Storage locations: 2        
  • Bean hopper capacity (grams): 250g
  • Bean Container Material: Kplastic
  • grinder: disc grinder
  • Grinder Material: Msteel mechanism
  • Grinding disks diameter (mm): 50
  • Grinding degree adjustment:                                     Stepless
  • Hands free operation: Yes
  • Width (cm):
  •  15
  • Height (cm): 
  • 36
  • Depth (cm): 
  • 20
  • Weight:
  •  6kg
  • Number of revolutions:
  •  1380
  • Grinding speed: No information

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