Hario paper filter for V60 01 / 02 / 03 100 pieces


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The Hario V60 filters are made in the Netherlands. Due to the short transport route, they are significantly cheaper than the Japanese version with otherwise the same quality. With this Hario paper filter in a conical shape, you are purchasing a high-quality product that is exactly suitable for all Hario V60 porcelain hand filters. The product was made from tasteless and particularly fine-pored filter paper and thus ensures the best coffee aroma. The high-quality bleached paper from Hario gives the coffee little of its own taste, allows the aroma substances to pass through unhindered and also binds the oils and fats contained in the ground coffee. For the unadulterated taste, it is recommended that you rinse the Hario V60 filter with hot water before preparation. So you can look forward to an optimal filter coffee result!

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