Eureka Mignon Single Dose Oro black matt / oak


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The brand new Eureka Mignon Single Dose Oro in black. With its patented 65mm Diamond Inside grinding discs, it sets a new standard in this price range. This mill was trimmed to "Zero Retention" without exception. The inclination of approx. 15° helps to completely empty the milling chamber.
  • Direct grinder from the Eureka Premium Series "Oro" with almost no dead space

  • patented 65mm disc grinder with Diamond Inside technology

  • Silent Technology with a grinding noise of 60dB

  • Suitable for espresso and brew (filter coffee).

  • patented, infinitely variable adjustment of grinding degree

  • Bean container 45gr with wooden lid
  • Oak base for a firm stand

With single dosing, the beans are weighed precisely for each brewing process and filled into the bean container. The aim of a good single doser is to get the ground material out of the mill completely without leaving any residue. With the new Mignon Single Dose, Eureka has developed a grinder that meets exactly these requirements. Part of the new ELR Extremely Low Retention System is the 15° tilt of the housing. This reduces the dead space to a minimum. After the grinding process is complete, the blow-up system almost "blows" the last traces of ground coffee out of the grinder. This is a particular advantage for home use, no ground coffee from the day ends up in the first cup and spoils the shot or brew.

Patented disc grinder - fast and quiet

The 65mm Diamond Inside grinding discs ensure an excellent result in the cup and only wear out extremely slowly thanks to the special hardening process. Every day, the coffee lover will certainly be impressed by the quiet and at the same time fast way of working. While 2.3 - 2.8 g/s with a grinding degree for espresso and 2.8 - 3.3 g/s for grinding degrees of different coffee makers, this small all-rounder only develops a noise level of 60 decibels. 

1 Eureka Mignon Single Dose Oro Black in original packaging 

1 collection cup

1 Blow Up Zero Retention Balg

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