ECM tamper station stainless steel


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The ECM tamper station is the perfect accessory for all ECM portafilters. ECM carefully handcrafts espresso machines and grinders as well as accessories and is one of the most sought-after manufacturers in this field, not least because of decades of experience. The station serves to protect the work surface from unwanted damage caused by the portafilter during pressing. The filter holder can be placed precisely on the tamper station in order to then press on the ground coffee with a tamper. Due to the horizontal position of the portafilter, an even contact pressure can be achieved. A rubber ring ensures a gentle support and prevents shaking when tamping. Another rubber ring on the underside prevents the entire tamper station from slipping. The tamper station has a diameter of 95mm with and 73mm without a rim and a height of 70mm. It is a perfect fit for all common ECM portafilter machines. Particularly suitable for beginners, but also advanced users in the field of portafilters. 

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