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Vibiemme Domobar Junior 2B espresso machine

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5 year guarantee 

  • 2-boiler machine with patented VBM professional brew group
  • adjustable thermostat and pressostat
  • Pump pressure and boiler pressure gauges
  • Dual boiler with E61 brew group
  • 5 year guarantee
  • vibration pump
  • Compact portafilter machine

The first E-61 espresso machine was built in 1961, and its simple yet ingenious principle of permanent thermal circulation in the brewing head has ruled the espresso machine landscape to this day. The first real innovation since then is the multi-boiler technology, which decouples coffee preparation from the steam area by means of separate boilers. In this way you get selectable, stable coffee temperatures and a flexibly switchable steam unit. This improves the results and saves energy. VBM uses the perfection of the E-61 group in connection with the multi-boiler technology and thus combines tradition and innovation. The JUNIOR 2B is also extremely compact, which is particularly appreciated by customers for whom space is an issue. As a result, the JUNIOR 2B, as the smallest member of the VBM 2B family, is only small on the outside.                                                 

Technical specifications:

heating system: Dualboiler
heating time: 15 minutes
Eco Mode: No
brew group: E61
Brew group heating: Thermosiphon
Pump: vibration pump
Boiler volume: 0.6L espresso boiler / 0.75L steam boiler
Kesselmaterial: copper
Boiler insulation: And
Water tank volume: 2 Liter
Dimensions (WxDxH): 22,5 x 42 x 40cm
Scope of delivery: 2 portafilters, 1 sieve, 2 sieves
Additional scope of delivery: Blind sieve, cleaning brush, plastic tamper, operating instructions
Case/Color: polished stainless steel
Perfomance: 600 Watt & 1200 Watt
Item weight: 20,00kg

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