Timemore Waage Black Mirror Basic Plus


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  • This is the latest "Plus" version of the Timemore Black Mirror Basic - with improved weighing accuracy, usability and responsiveness.
  • Weighing range between 0.5g to 2kg in 0.1g increments. 
  • With battery, rechargeable via USB-C (cable included)
  • Intuitive touch controls combined with haptic elements and a physical 'on/off' switch.
  • Flexibly movable, removable and water-repellent plastic cover for moisture and heat protection of the scale.
  •  Scale dimensions: width 13.1 cm, depth 15.2 cm, height 2.8 cm. 

Discover the Timemore Black Mirror Basic (Plus) coffee scale - a truly successful overall scale package that Timemore has sensibly supplemented. This precision scale will be your indispensable helper when preparing coffee. The Black Mirror Basic (Plus) is the ideal choice, especially for lovers of portafilter machines and filter coffee who like to use the pour-over method, such as with a Hario V60.

The added haptic and physical controls make using this scale an intuitive experience. Thanks to the timer function, coffee preparation is child's play and extremely precise. You can concentrate fully on enjoying your perfectly prepared coffee.

The Black Mirror Basic (Plus) not only impresses with its functions, but also with its stylish design. It will certainly be an elegant appearance in your kitchen or coffee corner. Their precision and performance make them a pleasure to use every day.

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