JoeFrex Tamper Station walnut wood


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Our Exclusive Walnut pressing station has been redesigned with regard to improved sustainability and environmental compatibility. The outer layer is no longer painted over the entire surface, but is first carefully applied by hand with a natural linseed oil varnish and then polished. The semi-circular cut-out at the front of the pad is specially designed to fit all portafilters. The rubber half ring protects your portafilter and offers perfect support and stability when tamping. A sunken rubber ring has also been incorporated into the rear part, which offers your tamper an ideal place to put it after use. The solid case is cut out of four millimeter thick stainless steel with a laser and then edged. All edges and surfaces are reground clean by hand. The worktop is screwed to the metal at the side. For a secure stand, four solid silicone feet were connected to the body with stainless steel screws. Thus, the station is compact, serviceable and easy to use. In order to keep the wooden panel permanently water-resistant, you can treat the surface at any time with any commercially available vegetable oil.

B x T x H: 12 x 18 x 8 cm

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