Tamperkonfigurator JoeFrex


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Put together your own individual tamper. Whether with a wooden handle, a red, or even a pink handle. The base can also be ordered in different sizes. Make your machine unique! 

JoeFrex handles provide the ideal grip for tamping. Due to the optimal grip strength, slipping off the handle is almost impossible. Create an extravagant look for your portafilter machine. The colored handles are made of aluminum and powder coated.

All lower parts have a slightly curved surface for pressing the espresso powder and are made of solid stainless steel: 1.4305, which is manufactured on a CNC lathe. Similar to the American Curve, the difference between the center and the outer edge is 1.5mm.
Why Convex?
Normally, the surface of the espresso pressed in the portafilter does not play a major role: whether flat (flat) or convex (curved), there is enough space between the espresso surface and the shower sieve so that the water can be evenly distributed over the espresso and the powder also penetrated evenly. However, if flat sieves are used or significantly more than 7g (1-cup sieve) or 14g (2-cup sieve) are used, it may happen that there is not enough space between the espresso powder and the shower sieve for optimal distribution of the brewing water. A Tamper Base Convex can be used for this purpose, so that a depression remains in the middle for optimal water distribution.

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