SANREMO Cube R Schwarz


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  • Version with Cold Touch steam wand
  • Dual circuit system with insulated stainless steel boiler
  • Version with rotary pump
  • PID control on the device and in the APP
  • APP control optional for IOS and Android
  • Very quiet when in use
  • Modern Design
  • Faema E61 brew group
  • Lots of steam volume for milk froth

The new SANREMO Cube R black espresso machine, in design version A, is the latest development from SANREMO for home users. It is designed for the highest demands and the modern design underlines this claim additionally. If required, the machine can optionally be controlled via an app. However, this is not absolutely necessary for operation.

Without a doubt: the Sanremo Cube is a very good double circuit! She makes good espresso. It froths milk smarter than other dual circuit machines. The temperature consistency is top and so is the processing.

It is above all the design that makes the Cube unique. Because solid ancient technology runs in the background, as with almost all two-circuiters. The Faema E61 principle is just as under the hood in the Sanremo Cube as in the old Sanremo Treviso, which does not differ that much in terms of specifications.

The dual circuit has a 1.9 liter insulated stainless steel boiler and a 1.8 liter water tank. This water tank is smaller than many other water tanks in the same segment. To be honest, most water tanks are oversized when espresso machines are primarily used to make espresso.

The power consumption of this model with a rotary pump is 0.32 kWh in the middle of the dual circuit espresso machines.

The Sanremo Cube is the quietest dual circuit espresso machine that we have tested so far. You can hardly hear it, even in relation to it. A strong argument for everyone who needs a really quiet machine for acoustic reasons.

The special shape of the milk tap allows the jug to be placed on the drip tray for frothing. The machine thus foams itself when the lance is correctly positioned.

The app is impeccably developed. The range of functions is a useful addition to dual circuit espresso machines. 

Technical specifications:

Water brew group
  • water tank:                 
  • Removable top
  • Water tank volume (litres):
  • 1.8
  • Water connection:
  • water tank
  • Coffee water quantity adjustable:
  • Manually
  • Faema E61 brew group:
  • And
  • Print Profiles / Profiling:
  • No
  • Brew group heating:
  • Thermosiphon
  • Brewing temperature controllable:
  • And
  • Portafilter diameter (mm):
  • 58mm
Service: Technology:
  • cup rack:
  • And
  • Cup warmer:
  • And
  • heating time:
  • 15-20 minutes
  • App control:
  • And
  • Width (mm): 323
  • Height (mm): 369
  • Depth (mm): 465
  • Weight: 26,5kg
  • ECO Mode:
  • And
  • Power watt):
  • 1500
  • Voltage (Volts):
  • 220-240
  • Pump type:
  • Rotary pump
  • Pump pressure gauge:
  • And
  • PID Temperature Controls:
  • And
  • Integrated grinder:
  • No
  • Cold Touch Dampfrohr:
  • And
  • Kesselmaterial:
  • stainless steel
  • Boiler volume (Litres):
  • 1.9
  • Kesselmanometer:
  • And
  • Color / Finish:
  • Black

Scope of delivery:

1 SANREMO Cube R Black in original packaging
1 portafilter with 1 spout
1 portafilter with 2 spouts
2 sieve inserts 1 cover (7g / 8g)
2 sieve inserts for 2 covers (14g / 16g)
1 blind screen 
1 instruction manual 


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