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Rose & Tulipani espresso cup and saucer Blue Concerto Blu Avio


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enjoy At home a piece of Italian culture. Each set is unique! Designed in Milan, the stoneware impresses with its rustic, country-style design. It has an elegant shiny pompom effect on the surface making the colors bright and very pleasing to the eye with a natural thread of color along the rim of the cup and saucer.

Each piece in this collection has been handcrafted using materials and craftsmanship techniques that make it original. Color differences, irregularities and imperfections are not defects but typical features of this process.


Manufacturer: Rose & Tulip
Content cup: ca. 90 ml / 0,090l
height cup: ca. 6,1 cm
Diameter cup: ca. 6 cm
Weight cup: ca. 127 g
diameter saucer: ca. 12 cm
Weight saucer: ca. 126 g
Series: concert color
Color: Blau Concert Blue Avio
Material: Stein
Special feature:   handmade
hand painted
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe

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