Rocket R58 Fifty-eight


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  • New version with touch panel for shot timer and PID control
  • Best components with technical fine-tuning
  • Italian craftsmanship at the highest level
  • alternating heating cycle of coffee and hot water steam boiler
  • thanks to external insulation and intelligent switching, only little additional consumption in dual operation
  • PID and control in a separate pluggable module, with additional function to switch between fixed water and tank operation
  • Temperature can be controlled precisely to 0.5 degrees
  • Water level warning system when there is not enough water
  • Exact and clean processing, gap dimensions uniform

With the portafilter espresso machine Rocket R58 Cinquantotto Dualboiler, Rocket Espresso is currently setting new technical and innovative impulses. The new PID interface has been redesigned, as has the housing. The Rocket Cinquantotto has inherited the bestseller Rocket R58 V2 and sets new standards in this class.

The Rocket R58 is a dual boiler portafilter machine. The machine's two boilers are heated with an intelligently alternating heat output of 1400 watts each. Clever external insulation reduces the additional energy consumption in dual operation. The heating-up time is around 10 minutes. The waste heat can be used to warm the cups on the upper side with an elegant railing.

With a separately attachable PID touch module, the brewing temperature can be regulated by 0.5˚C and you can switch between tank and fixed water supply. For a clean look, the module can be removed at any time. 

Technical specifications:

Water  brew group
  • water tank: Removable top
  • Water tank volume (litres): 2.5
  • Water level indicator: And
  • Water connection: mains water connection,
  • water tank
  • Coffee water quantity adjustable:
  • Manually
  • Faema E61 brew group: And
  • Saturated brew group: No
  • Print Profiles / Profiling: No
  • Preinfusion:And
  • Brew group heating: Thermosiphon
  • Brewing temperature controllable:
  • And
  • Portafilter diameter (mm): 58mm
service Technology
  • cup rack: And
  • Cup warmer: And
  • Maximum cup height (cm):
  • 9
  • Heat-up time (minutes): 10
  • steam reference: Drehrad
  • Width (mm): 310
  • Height (mm): 410
  • Depth (mm): 440
  • Weight: 29kg
  • Power saving mode: And
  • Power watt): 1550
  • Voltage (Volts): 220-240
  • Frequency (Hertz): 50 / 60
  • Design type: Dualboiler
  • Pump type:
  • Rotary pump
  • Pump pressure gauge: And
  • Maximum pump pressure:
  • 9
  • PID Temperature Controls: And
  • Cold Touch Dampfrohr:
  • And
  • Kesselmaterial: copper
  • Boiler volume (Litres):
  • 1.75 + 0.58
  • Kesselmanometer:And
  • Material housing:
  • stainless steel


  • 1 Rocket R58 Cinquantotto in original packaging
    1 portafilter with 1 spout including sieve insert
    1 portafilter with 2 outlets including sieve insert
    1 blind screen  
    1 Aluminiumtamper
    1 cleaning brush
    1 scoop

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