Profitec PRO 800 | Hand lever espresso machine


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  • Model 2022 with walnut grip set
  • new pine green pressure gauge
  • Professional hand lever brewing group installed
  • PID display behind water drip tray, for setting the boiler temperature
  • single circuit system
  • Simple design with high-quality workmanship
  • Easy switching from water tank operation to fixed water connection
  • High-quality stainless steel steam and hot water pipes with no-burn function 

The portafilter espresso machine Profitec Pro 800 hand lever machine is characterized by a restrained design with high-quality workmanship. It can be operated with a water tank or with a fixed water connection. Optimal extraction results are achieved through the pressure curve of the hand lever. The PID control is stylishly hidden behind the drip tray.

As a hand lever, the Profitec Pro 800 is a very special espresso machine with elegance and style. Hand lever machines are the most original type of espresso machines, which are operated by manually pressing down a lever, which at Profitec is equipped with a strong steel spring. And this is how it works: Hook the portafilter into the brew group, pull the lever down and hold it down until the first drop of espresso comes out. Only then do you let go of the lever, which goes back up on its own while a creamy espresso is extracted. The taste convinces with a variety of aromas and very low acidity.

The Pro 800 can not only prepare a unique espresso but also a creamy milk froth. All you have to do is turn the left rotary valve of the Profitec Pro 800 to use the steam lance, which emits powerful and dry steam.

In addition to high-quality coffee beans and the right extraction time, the temperature is of course particularly important for the taste of the espresso. If this is too hot, the ground coffee burns and a lot of bitter substances are extracted. To prevent this, the Profitech Pro 800 has an integrated PID controller. This enables the brewing temperature to be controlled and adjusted so that each espresso can be prepared at the ideal temperature.

Another highlight of the Profitec Pro 800: it can be connected to the mains water supply or supplied with fresh water via the built-in 2.8 l water tank. Anyone who decides on a permanent water connection saves having to top up the water manually. However, make sure that the water is as soft and decalcified as possible in order to optimally protect the machine from limescale and to ensure a pure espresso taste. Of course, you can also find suitable decalcifiers here. 
IMPORTANT: The pump is not used with the fixed water connection. The pump is only used to fill the boiler during tank operation.

Technical specifications:

Water brew group
  • water tank: Removable top
  • Water tank volume (litres): 2
  • Water level indicator: And
  • Water connection: mains water connection, water tank
  • Coffee water quantity adjustable: Manually
  • Faema E61Brühgruppe:
  • No
  • Saturated brew group:
  • No
  • Preinfusion: And
  • Brew group heating:
  • Thermosiphon
  • Brewing temperature controllable: And
  • Portafilter diameter (mm): 58mm
service  Technology
  • cup rack: And
  • Cup warmer: And
  • Maximum cup height (cm):
  • 9
  • Heat-up time (minutes): 
  • 10
  • steam reference: Drehrad
  • Power saving mode: And
  • Power watt):1600
  • Energy consumption (kWh):               individually
  • Voltage (Volts): 220-240
  • Frequency (Hertz): 50 / 60 
  • Design type: encircler
  • Pump type: hand lever, vibration pump
  • Maximum pump pressure:
  • PID Temperature Controls: And
  • Cold Touch Dampfrohr: And
  • Kesselmaterial: copper
  • Boiler volume (Litres):
  • 3.5
  • Kesselmanometer:And
  • Width (mm): 340
  • Height (mm): 730
  • Depth (mm): 580
  • Weight: 35kg

Scope of delivery:

1 Profitec Pro 800 hand lever machine model 2022 in original packaging
1 portafilter with 1 spout
1 portafilter with double spout
1 bottomless portafilter  
1 cleaning brush

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