Profitec Pro 600 dual boiler PID special model with rocker arm


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Profitec Pro 600 Dualboiler PID mit Kipphebel

  • Dual boiler machine with stainless steel boilers
  • E61 brew group with stainless steel bell
  • PID display for setting the temperature of both boilers, which can be controlled independently
  • vibration pump
  • Hot water steam boiler made of stainless steel with a volume of 1 l
  • PID display to show the processing time in seconds
  • Manually adjustable brewing pressure
  • Programmable ECO mode 
  • Boiler and pump pressure gauges
  • With tilting valves


The Profitec Pro 600 Dual-Boiler PID special model with rocker arm is a powerful espresso machine with a high-quality stainless steel housing and black side elements. Thanks to the PID controller, the boiler temperatures can be set individually and independently of one another. You can use it as a single circuit machine, but also as a dual boiler. The strikingly shaped steam and hot water lances also ensure maximum comfort and an extravagant look.


Technical specifications:

Water  brew group
  • water tank: Removable top
  • Water tank volume (litres): 2.8
  • Water level indicator: And
  • Water connection: water tank
  • Coffee water quantity adjustable: Manually
  • Faema E61 brew group: And
  • Saturated brew group: No
  • Print Profiles / Profiling: No
  • Brew group heating: Thermosiphon
  • Brewing temperature controllable: And
  • Portafilter diameter (mm): 58mm
service Technology
  • cup rack: And
  • Cup warmer: And
  • Maximum cup height (cm): 9
  • Heat-up time (minutes): 10
  • Steam reference: toggle valve
  • Width (mm): 305
  • Height (mm): 395
  • Depth (mm): 450
  • Power saving mode: And
  • Power watt): 1200 + 1400
  • Voltage (Volts): 220-240
  • Frequency (Hertz): 50 / 60

  • Design type: Dualboiler
  • Pump type: vibration pump
  • Pump pressure gauge: And
  • Maximum pump pressure: 9
  • PID Temperature Controls: And
  • Integrated grinder: No
  • Cold Touch Dampfrohr: And
  • Kesselmaterial: stainless steel
  • Boiler volume (Litres): 1, 0,75
  • Kesselmanometer: And
  • Boiler insulation: And
  • Material housing:stainless steel
  • Color / Finish:Edelstahlo


  • 1 Profitec Pro 600 dual boiler PID rocker arm in original packaging
    1 portafilter with a spout
    1 portafilter with two spouts
    1 Tassensieb 7g
    1 two-cup sieve 14g
    1 blind screen
    1 Tamper
    1 cleaning brush  
    1 instruction manual

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