Sample pack of filter coffee


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The package contains 3x 250g packs of the coffees listed below.

The Jaguar aus Guatemala 

Our El Jaguar made from 100% Arabica beans is a very smooth coffee with a soft note of milk chocolate. It seduces you with its soft character and taste-intensive chocolaty aroma. Ideal as a stomach-friendly coffee, or as a good night coffee. 

Tarrazu from Costa Rica

Our Tarrazu has fine almond aromas and an extremely subtle acidity. It enchants you with its nutty taste and is slightly reminiscent of Christmas. Perfect for a smooth to medium-bodied coffee. Origin: Costa Rica. The beans are 100% Arabica and come from the in-house roastery.

Bonga from Ethiopia

The original coffee par excellence. It grows wild, the plants grow up to 15m tall in a protected area. 

Is an organic and fair trade coffee, which has a very strong and spicy taste.

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