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Puqpress Mini Black 58mm Gen 5 Automatic Tamper


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  • Convenient and fast tamping process
  • Contact pressure adjustment in 1kg steps
  • Adjustment range of the contact pressure 10-30 kg
  • 1.3 seconds for the tamping process
  • With non-stick layer
  • Compatible with all portafilter types
  • Ideal high-end solution for the home

The new Puqpress Mini Black 58mm is the new development of the tamping specialists from Barista Technology for home use. The Puqpress Mini Black 58mm can even be used for a small office and has a permissible utilization of approx. 100 tamper processes per day.

Calibrate the PUQ Press correctly to the portafilter 
Place the PuqPress upside down on a towel or other soft surface and then loosen the fork screws. Then insert the portafilter to be adjusted upside down into the guide of the silver upper (then lower) component and screw the fork (then on top) tightly. When the portafilter enters the guide with millimeter precision, the portafilter can no longer move. If this is observed, the portafilter does not "tilt" when tamping.

Technical specifications:

  • Depth (mm): 195
  • Height (mm): 286
  • Width (mm): 141
  • Weight: 3,4kg

  • 1 Puqpress Mini Black 58mm Gen 5 Automatic Tamper in original box 

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