JoeFrex Tamping Station Professional up


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Measuring 9 x 20 x 7 cm, this JoeFrex tamping station is more compact than stations with an additional rubber mat. Thanks to a smart division, however, it meets the same requirements that baristas have for a user-friendly tamping station. The semi-circular cut-out for tamping fits all portafilters. The Pro up variant has a curved end - so you can place it anywhere on your worktop.

A reinforced silicone ring on the portafilter cut-out protects your portafilter optimally and doesn't let anything slip when you press it - the ideal prerequisite for effortlessly tamping straight and evenly. Thick rubber feet give the station additional support and protect the worktop.

In the back part there is a round cut-out as a perfect storage area for your tamper.

The solid frame is lasered from strong stainless steel and reground by hand. The frame is stabilized again by an additional connection and thus easily withstands ongoing use in professional use. The contact surface made of food-safe silicone is durable, hygienic and easy to clean.

Manufacturer information:
JoeFrex is a German company specializing in high-quality, beautifully designed coffee and espresso accessories and accessories. The product range includes knock-off containers, brew drawers, tampers, tamping stations and all kinds of barista utensils. 

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