Advanced barista course


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The Bohnenfee barista course for advanced users is the ideal follow-up seminar to the Bienenfee beginner's course, but also for newcomers and experienced owners of portafilter machines. You get deep insights into technical details and learn, for example, how to set up coffee machines and grinders correctly. The theory is of course put into practice right away. For example, you test different setting options for throughput time and contact pressure and then immediately assess the taste result.  

You will also learn how to froth different types of milk even more safely. Of course, we also show you different beverage preparations, from easy to difficult, everything is included.

In our sensory training you will experience the perfect interaction between coffee and water. Because not all water is the same, just like coffee, there are different types and factors. 

You can also bring your own portafilter machine and coffee grinder by arrangement. 


07.10.   17:30 

The portafilter machine, grinder, milk & coffee beans are provided by us free of charge



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