Hauck Tamper Barista Line Terra Nut


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The Barista line from Hauck is characterized by perfect workmanship, high-quality materials and excellent value for money.
The sophisticated mix of materials ensures a special elegance, a balanced center of gravity and a very pleasant feel and is therefore suitable for every user.
With the "my fit design" concept, the tamper can be easily and individually adjusted or adjusted to the needs of the respective user by removing or adding individual spacer rings.
The flat base is made of high quality stainless steel, the handle is made of comfortable wood and the transition is connected with skin-friendly and soft silicone, so you can enjoy a comfortable pressure point and precise guidance when tamping.
Great attention was also paid to the price-performance ratio.
This makes all B-Line tampers from Hauck the perfect tools for all baristas, whether at home, in the catering trade or at competitions.

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