Hario coffee grinder olive wood ceramic


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  • Handy coffee grinder that is easy to use
  • Infinitely adjustable ceramic grinder for the best grinding results
  • Simple design made of olive wood and ceramic
  • 30g capacity; Dimensions (HxWxD): 20.8 x 8.7 x 9.1cm
  • Hario is known worldwide for the quality of coffee and tea accessories

This handy coffee grinder from the Japanese manufacturer Hario combines a simple design made of wood and ceramics with excellent mechanics and the best grinding results. Due to the practical shape and the use of olive wood, it allows you to grind your favorite coffee very easily. The white ceramic conical grinder grinds the coffee beans particularly gently, resulting in significantly less heat, which reduces the aroma of the coffee beans. In addition, the ceramic grinder does not form rust, which can also affect the aroma of the beans. An additional advantage of the ceramic grinder is that, unlike metal grinders, it does not lose its degree of sharpness. The degree of grinding of this model can be adjusted individually using a wheel and the integrated container made of olive wood has a capacity of approx. 30g. The coffee grinder can also be easily disassembled and is therefore quick and easy to clean. 

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