Hario Double Mesh Metal Dripper 02


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  • The Double Mesh Metal Dripper is a handy handheld filter
  • The hand filter is useful for preparing filter coffee
  • Metal was chosen as the material, which means that disposable paper filters can be replaced in an environmentally friendly way
  • The filter measures 125mm x 125mm, height 97mm (size 02)
  • Hario is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of useful and stylish heat-resistant products

This metal dripper from Hario is a practical and at the same time stylish size 02 hand filter. It is completely silver in color, which ensures a classy look and fits into any kitchen. Metal was chosen as the material. With the handy dripper, filter coffee can be prepared quickly and easily. The use of the filter replaces disposable paper filters and is therefore a good, environmentally friendly alternative. Hario is a Japanese company that became successful by manufacturing heat-resistant glass products. In the meantime, the company has been able to expand the range and today produces many useful and at the same time beautifully designed utensils and containers, including products for making coffee.

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