Groenenberg coffee tin 800 ml | Sustainable storage jar made from wheat straw


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  • 800 ml for approx. 250 g coffee beans 
  • made from renewable raw materials (70% wheat straw, 30% bio-plastic)
  • biodegradable and free of BPA
  • ideal for Storage of coffee or other food as well as for unpackaged shopping
  • hermetically sealed and leak-proof
  • 13.5 cm long, Ø 10.5 cm

This coffee tin made of wheat straw - was created in collaboration between Groenenberg and Avoid Waste. Thanks to its production from renewable raw materials, it also stands for more sustainable and conscious coffee enjoyment.

The airtight sealable and very light storage jar is not only ideal for coffee beans, but also for storing other foods or for shopping in bulk shops. 

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