Fiorenzato AllGround Sense GbW chrome


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Discover the Fiorenzato AllGround Sense GBW coffee grinder in chrome - a revolution in the home sector for coffee lovers who value quality, precision and user-friendliness.

With its state-of-the-art Red Speed ​​grinding discs, the Fiorenzato AllGround Sense GBW sets new standards for grinding quality in your home. These specially developed grinding discs ensure that your coffee beans are ground evenly and precisely, so that you can always enjoy an exceptional taste experience.

But that's not all. The Fiorenzato AllGround Sense GBW goes one step further by offering an innovative grind-by-weight function. Grinding the perfect amount of ground coffee has never been easier. The integrated weighing cell works discreetly behind the portafilter fork and ensures precise and reliable measurement. This impressive accuracy in dosing the coffee grounds is usually only found on more expensive professional machines - but now you can experience it in your own home.

In addition, the Fiorenzato AllGround Sense GBW impresses with its user-friendliness and easy cleaning. The grinding chamber is easily accessible and easy to clean, so you can concentrate fully on what's important - the perfect coffee.

The elegant design of the Fiorenzato AllGround Sense GBW completes the overall package and makes it a real eye-catcher in every kitchen. Their unobtrusive but sophisticated appearance will delight even the most demanding coffee lovers.

Overall, the Fiorenzato AllGround Sense GBW offers excellent value for money and is the ideal choice for anyone who values ​​quality, precision and elegance. Experience the future of coffee grinding - experience the Fiorenzato AllGround Sense GBW.

Technical data:

  • Dosing with scales
  • Disc grinder with 64 mm grinding discs
  • 250g bean container
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 169 x 440 x 240 mm
  • Power watt):250
  • Voltage (Volts):220-240
  • Frequency (Hertz):50 / 60
  • Grinding degree setting:Microgrid
  • Hands-free operation:Yes

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