ECM Gran Crema bottomless portafilter


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  • High-quality bottomless professional filter holder
  • Down angled handle for better handling
  • Can hold 21g ground coffee
  • even flow of coffee powder
  • Impresses with its excellent crema formation

The ECM Gran Crema filter holder is angled, making it the perfect accessory for every barista who owns an ECM espresso machine with an E61 brew group. As the name suggests, the handle is slightly angled, providing a better grip and easier handling. The ECM portafilter Gran Crema can hold 21g ground coffee with its sieve. So that the heat of the espresso can be stored longer, this filter holder from ECM was designed to be extremely solid and the bottom of the sieve was stolen. Despite the higher weight, the filter holder does not tilt forward, but lies perfectly in the hand. The ECM Gran Crema angled filter holder is recommended by the manufacturer especially for ECM espresso machines with a rotary pump.

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